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T-BONE WALKER, Imperial Recordings 1950-54

Aaron Thibeault Walker 'T-BONE WALKER'
Linden, Texas, 1910
Los Angeles, California, 1975

Pionero de la guitarra eléctrica. El primer solista eléctrico de blues.
Una figura fundamental en la evolución del blues hacia el rock and roll. Chuck Berry o BB King quedaron enganchados a las escalas y acordes de jazz blues del texano.
Fundador del blues de Texas en los años 30.
El origen del paso del pato.

Complete Capitol Black and White Recordings
3 Cds.
Años 40.

The Complete 1950-1954 Imperial Recordings
52 temas.

Gibson ES-250
The ES-250 first appeared in the 1940 Gibson AA catalog with the slogan: "Gibson has created the best electric guitar possible to make." This top-of-the-line instrument was an upgraded version of the popular ES-150. It had significant refinements which distinguished it from the earlier mid-range model. These included a larger body, a more deluxe fingerboard, headstock, tuners and tailpiece, and a bar pickup with individual mini-blades acting as separate polepieces for each string--for "maximum tonal reproduction."

Gibson ES-5 Switchmaster
Desde 1949

The ES-5 combines the acclaimed features of the L-5 with the finest method of electronic guitar amplification. Three separately controlled, adjustable magnetic pickups reproduce the full, rich tones and harmonics to make the ES-5 truly ‘the instrument of a thousand voices.'" — Gibson catalog, circa 1951

The Gibson ES-5 Switchmaster was truly a guitar ahead of its time. First introduced in 1949, the ES-5 Switchmaster was the first ES guitar to be fitted with three pickups, and was initially intended solely for jazz players. It was dubbed the “supreme electronic version” of Gibson’s L-5 and offered a unique four-knob control circuitry that allowed players to manage pickup selection by adjusting the volume of each pickup, thus eliminating the pickup selector switch. Yet despite its pioneering circuitry and three-pickup layout, the ES-5 Switchmaster was not immediately embraced by jazz players while competing guitar manufacturers rushed to introduce their own similar models, including the Epiphone Zephyr Emperor of the early 1950s and the Fender Stratocaster in 1954.

Gibson Barney Kessell model

Fender Tweed 4x100 Bassman

The ’50s Fender Bassman was the pro bassist’s answer to amplifying a great new invention: the Fender Precision Bass® guitar. This powerful 50-watt rig could easily compete with the common instrumentation of the day: horns, piano, four-piece drum kit with calfskin heads, and maybe even an electric guitar through a nice, new 10-watt amp! By the ’60s and ’70s, the original all-tube “Tweed” 4x10 Bassman was popular with rock, country and blues guitarists as a reliably great-sounding and easy-to-use guitar amp. Even some emerging British amp designers of the day copied its circuitry for use in their most celebrated designs.

In the 1990s, Fender released an affordable reissue of the now-collectible ’59 Bassman amplifier to massive acclaim. Many guitarists, tired of experimenting with preamps, equalizers, and effects racks, rediscovered the simple pleasure of plugging into a Fender tube amp. The Bassman’s wide stage coverage, touch-sensitive dynamics and full-frequency “swirl” make it the perfect vehicle for building a great tone with almost any guitar or effect. The reissue Bassman continues to be a staple of the Fender guitar amp line to this day.

Gibson EH-150

Gibson EH-150
Galería de amplificadores anteriores a la Guerra Mundial.


'When I heard T-Bone Walker play the electric guitar I had to have one. He had a touch that nobody has been able to duplicate."--B.B. King

"All the things people see me do on the stage I got from T-Bone Walker." --Chuck Berry

"When T-Bone Walker came, I was into that. That was the sound I was looking for." --Albert King

"No one else can touch T-Bone in the blues on guitar."--Jimmy Witherspoon

"He was the first man that made the electric guitar popular."--John Lee Hooker

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